Ready to stop reading her words and start learning His?

It's time to ditch devotional dependency and take the guesswork out of your morning.

Where you might be stuck:


The Bible Blank Stare: you open your Bible in the morning and have no idea where to read.


The Devotional Diet: you take five minutes to read a devotional every morning and that is it.


Other People’s Words: you’re reading more of them than God’s Word itself.


In-Depth Bible Studies: you're swinging from one to another and don't know how to quiet time without one.

guess what?

I got stuck on the same things.

Hi, friend! I'm Jane Johnson. I know what it's like to be stuck in a quiet time that isn't working. I know the craving to know God's Word but not be sure how to learn it without an in-depth Bible study to guide me. I had no one showing me how to dig on my own.

So i took matters into my own hands.

Over the next ten years, I taught myself how to look at word definitions, understand verb constructs properly, and use the art of cross-referencing. And in the process?


I not only learned the Bible in a way I never thought possible. I also learned to recognize God's voice speaking to me, through His Word, directly to my unique life story. I will teach you how to, too.

Together, we're going to unlearn the quiet time shortcuts that have held you back.

In the Unlearn Quiet Time masterclass, you will learn:

What has worked in the past for the traditional quiet time, and why it desperately needs an update. (Hint: if you've done every pre-written bible study under the sun and are addicted to the hottest new reading plans, you won't want to miss this).


How to know when you're ready to ditch the devotionals

(and how to make sure you're set up for success instead of having that morning Bible blank stare that comes with where-do-I-read paralysis).


Why learning to recognize God's voice by getting intimately acquainted with His Word is more important than ever (and my proven strategy for keeping my study and interpretations in check).


My #1 Favorite Scripture Digging Tool. SheReadsTruth, Daily Grace Co., Youversion Bible app, Logos, Blue Letter Bible ... the resources available are endless. But where do you really need to be? And what can you push off to the side? I'll show you how to simplify by sharing what's pulling the most weight for me and my Scripture-digging.

the masterclass includes:

• 45-minutes of teaching

• Full set of printable worksheets

• 24 Quiet Time Tips for morning inspo
• Ditch the Devotional challenge

• My favorite Bible reading plan