Lined Prayer Journal

a conversation archiver


Lined Prayer Journal

A conversation archiver


Prayer journaling is about being bold enough to write down the big things you are asking God for while also being brave enough to write the things you think He might be speaking in response.


As you cultivate the habit of writing your prayers, you learn to not only recognize the voice of God, but you get to know the way He speaks uniquely to you. Sure, there’s no verse in the Bible about physically writing out your prayers, but David set a precedent for it in the Psalms, leading by example and tangibly showing that writing your prayers is just another beautiful form of worship. But one you can return to and track how God responds to and answers it all.


Our Lined Prayer Journal is entirely unprompted, leaving plenty of room for the Spirit of God to direct your prayer where He wants it to go. The blank lines on its pages are a hallowed place to record your conversation together.

New to the world of prayer journaling? Learn more about it here.

Product Details

• 6.25 x 9 inches
• Book cloth hard cover

• Book bound

• Crisp white text lined paper
• 100 ruled pages

• two ribbons


Select from three color options: