Treasures of Darkness

an in-depth bible study


Treasures of Darkness



In 2011, Jane Johnson was five years into a battle with infertility. Her best friend was five months into an 18-month battle with stage four colon cancer. Prayer journals provided an outlet through which she was able to tread privately in the dark waters of grieving, heartache, and loss.


Three years later, coming from a place of healing and restoration, she stitched together her experiences through those journals into an in-depth women’s Bible study exploring the intrinsic holiness found in affliction and joy. Faith and thankfulness. Contentment and sovereignty. And the priceless treasures that can be found in the darkest of days. In this study, Jane provides the tools necessary to dig deeper into scripture and press deeper into your relationship with God. That you may know that He is the LORD. And He has called you by name. Even through the darkness.

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• 8.5 x 11 inches
• Matte Finished soft cover
• 139 pages

• nine-week bible study

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What People are Saying:

LOVE this in-depth Bible study! One of my favorite memories of my Grandpa was seeing him study his Bible at the kitchen table. One day I pray that will be a favorite memory about me that my kids/grandkids will have. This in-depth Bible study by Jane Johnson has been the favorite part of my day these last couple weeks. Watching her webinar on how to study scripture a few weeks back gave me the kick I needed to dive deeper into studying the Bible and motivated me to create a journal of study notes that I can one day leave behind as part of my legacy. I knew I had to get Jane's Bible study book as soon as it came out and I am so glad I did. It's been exciting, convicting and refreshing all at the same time. So good!! - M. Hayes


Honestly the best Bible study I've done. Treasures of Darkness has so much depth and I learned to dig into the Word in a whole new way that sparked a new fire and excitement for scripture within me. Give yourself at least 20 minutes 5 days a week to do the homework so the study will be worth your time and purchase. I've already bought multiple copies to give as gifts. - Jenna Michelle


I cannot begin to adequately articulate the blessing this study has been on my life. I am only halfway through it and I ENJOY waking up earlier every morning to read, learn, and pray. The topics are relevant and so helpful, and the Lord could not have put a better book in my life. Thank you Jane for you faithfulness in writing this study. It truly is a BLESSING! I would recommend it to any woman I know! - Emily R.


Words can't describe what this study will do for your walk with the Lord. Seriously the most honest and in depth study I have ever done. It will get you into the Bible in a way that refreshes and renews your soul and takes you to places where the Word really does become life breathing. I am super sad it's done and can't wait for Jane to write more! If you are looking for a study that will take you beyond all of the "fluff" and get down to the nitty gritty of what this life of striving hard after the heart of our Lord Jesus is all about then this is the book for you. - Tawnya Sue White


A very in depth Bible study using word etymology! Encourages you to dive deep into the meaning and really dig into the Word. I love it!!! A week into it and have not been disappointed! Make sure you have time to devote to it, takes maybe 20-30 minutes a day (or more if you have time!) but is not for an 'on the fly' devotional, is really for you to sit and read and journal through some tricky circumstances. - Amanda Mae


Jane is an anointed writer and an avid student of the Bible. This is a great in depth study that will push you and also connect to your heart no matter what season of life you are in. - Jenny Martin